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NEW OPTeARC range of welders

using Chopper Technology

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Shanks & Cutting Attachments

  • L/W Blowpipe / Shank
    £40.81 £34.69 L/W Blowpipe / Shank
    Lightweight shank used for welding, brazing and cutting thin materials. Has 1/4" threads for hose fittings. Requires lightweight mixer and lightweight swaged nozzles for welding or brazing...

  • L/W Cutting Attachment
    £45.16 £38.39 L/W Cutting Attachment
    Lightweight cutting attachment used with L/W shank and AFN cutting tips for light cutting applications.

  • Lightweight Mixer
    £17.69 £15.04 Lightweight Mixer
    Lightweight mixer used with lightweight shank and L/W swaged nozzles for welding and brazing.

  • Type 5 Blowpie / Shank
    £45.65 £39.65 Type 5 Blowpie / Shank
    Type 5 shank used for heavier welding and brazing cutting. Has 3/8" threads for hose fittings. Requires type 5 mixer and type 5 nozzles for welding/brazing and type 5 cutting attachment for cutting applications...

  • Type 5 Cutting Attachment
    £52.50 £44.63 Type 5 Cutting Attachment
    Type 5 cutting attachment used with Type 5 shank and ANM cutting tips for medium cutting applications.

  • Type 5 Mixer
    £17.99 £15.29 Type 5 Mixer
    Type 5 mixer used with Type 5 shank and Type 5 nozzles

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