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NEW OPTeARC range of welders

using Chopper Technology

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Mild Steel 6013 Electrodes

  • 6013 Arc Welding Electrodes
    £13.33 Choose Options 6013 Arc Welding Electrodes
    Basic 6013 electrodes for welding mild steel. These are general purpose electrodes where price is more inportant than quality and performance. These electrodes are available in sizes 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.2mm or 4.0mm...

  • Bohler AWS E6013 MMA Electrodes
    £26.90 Choose Options Bohler AWS E6013 MMA Electrodes
    The Bohler AWS E6013 is a rutile cellulose coated, good quality general purpose electrode suitable for welding mild steel in all positions. Excellent welding properties, good striking and restriking characteristics...

  • Oerlikon Fincord M Electrodes
    £77.60 Choose Options Oerlikon Fincord M Electrodes
    Oerlikon Fincord M is an all positional mild steel 6013 MMA electrode with a very high welder appeal. Offering smooth metal transfer, low spatter, self releasing slag and a smooth weld appearance. Although very expensive...

  • Thyssen Phoenix 6013 Electrodes
    £27.75 Choose Options Thyssen Phoenix 6013 Electrodes
    The Bohler Phoenix 6013 (from the Thyssen factory) is a rutile cellulose covered electrode for welding mild steel. This good quality general purpose electrode is suitable for welding in all positions ,with...