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NEW OPTeARC range of welders

using Chopper Technology

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The OPTeARC EMIG range of machines are extreme performance mig welding plants constructed using the very latest Mitsubishi Hybris chopper technology, this combines performance and energy advantages of inverter technology with the rugged reliability of well built transformer based machines.

The benefits of this technology are many and not to be underestimated. On CV (MIG/MAG) welding characteristics are superior to any conventional step voltage or thyristor MIG machine with a super smooth stable arc, low spatter and higher MIG deposion rates. increased welding productivity. The PCB monitors the arc up to 10,000 times per second and makes tiny corrections to the output to seamlessly maintan the exact power, even correcting unstable imput power and lond cable runs. Variable inductance allows you to tune the arc characteristics to suit your exact requirements, a lower setting gives you a crisp deposion cool arc, ideal for positional welding and minimisingpenetration on thin materials, increasing thw inductance gives you a soter arc with more penetrationand minimal spatter. This tachnology can also result in higher MIG deposition ratestherefore faster welding reducing welding costs. You can tune virtually all the weld spatter out of the arc if required, in addition, the is a built in arc start and finish circuit for instant smooth arc starting every time you press the triggerwhich prevents the 'machine gunning' at the start, this also makes it possible to run aluminium wire on a standard MIG torch on any of the machines. Switch to CC (MMA + TIG) and it is perfect, with instant arc starts and a smooth stable current from min to max.

An addition benefit is the low power consumption like good inverter welders where considerable savings can be made on electic cost, particularly over older machines and using on CC.

To achieve all the advantages of the models you would previously have had to purchase complex inverter basedmachine, however inverter technology is not rugged and reliable in industrial environments, they all suffer from major blow ups and typically have a life span of a few years for the best made European machines and often much less for others. The OPTeARC hybrid chopper technology solves the problem, you get all the performance benefits of a good inverter but with the rugged reliability of transformer machines. Further more , the simple quality internal buildand only one PCB fitted means there is less to go wrong and easy maintenance. Built in over current and over temperature circuits provide complete protection against overload conditions, allowing the machines to tolerate massive input voltage fluctuation without any failure.

There are 3 versions of the OPTeARC EMIG compact welders with each version having either a 250A, 300A or 400A model.

The table below shows the key features of each version.

Fuctions          EMIG MST                EMIG Synergic        EMIG Synergic 2Pulse
Superior welding performance on MIG & all processes * * *
CC/CV multi-process output MIG, MMA, TIG etc * * *
Infinate variable control of welding power & wire speed * * *
All metal 4 roll geared feed system for superior wire feeding * * *
Variable electronic inductanceto tune out spatter on MIG * * *
2T /4T trigger latching on MIG * * *
Variable burn-back control * * *
Digital volt / ammeter for EN1090 & other QC standards * * *
MIG wire creep start + arc start circuit built in * * *
Reverse polarity MIG/MAG * * *
Wire pinch off at finish of weld to remove ball ready for next weld * * *
Pre-setting of welding thickness on digital display
* *
Synergic MIG one knob control output
* *
Crater filling function to slope out welding power at end of weld
* *
MMA Anti-stick function to stop rods annealing, release stuck rods
* *
Lift-Arc TIGfunction for perfect starts on DC TIG
* *
Synergic pulse MIG welding of all materials

Synergic 2Pulse MIG welding of all materials (double pulse)